Identification of offers and needs

The field of medical biomaterials has recently developed a major growth potential as the demand for cardiovascular, orthopaedic as well as dental implant devices is tremendously increasing worldwide. The ageing of Europe´s population will be a crucial challenge for the 21st century.
Based on recent impulses from key technologies such as Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering and Nanotechnology the INCOMAT project (15 partner from D-HR-CS-BY-GE-UA-RU-US-UK) is particularly addressing the multidisciplinary approach in biomaterial research and the recognised necessity of international cooperation and networking.
For more details please look at: However, there are specific problems concerning RTD resources and capabilities existing especially in the Third countries (Western Balkan [WBC], Newly Independent States [NIS]) having been isolated and excluded from the cooperation with EU, their networking works rather on regional level. INCOMAT contributes to eliminate these deficiencies and will create cooperation Teams of Excellence with experts from EU, Third countries and US.
The INCOMAT consortium would like to know from WBC and NIS, if and where you have a demand concerning improvements and innovations.

In this context, please consider the following steps to complete the INCOMATE-questionnaire:

  1. add your complete contact details
  2. mark your offers or needs dealing with at max. 4 Teams of Excelence
  3. provide your abilitities as well as your your possibilities for each selected Team of Excelence (max. 4)
  4. Print out your data and/or emailing the data to your own address

The INCOMATE consortium will give you further information about the way to get funding and other financial help for further R&D projects, which may emerge from the Teams of Excellence.

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