Institute on Laser and Information Technologies (ILIT)

ILIT belongs to the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and has about 130 research staff. ILIT R&D activities are ranging from development of high power intelligent lasers and laser systems for material processing to the various photonic and biomedical studies and applications. These activities have been repeatedly supported by NATO, ISTC, Royal Society and Wellcome Trust (UK) funding (NATO and RS Linkage Grants 1991-2006, EBRCG 1994-1997, and CRIGs 1996-2006, ISTC 2001-2004). ILIT RAS regularly taking part in EU scientific initiatives and programmes – TMR (“SuperClean-2”, № ERB FMRX CT97-0104, 1997-2001) and Thematic (“SuperFluid”, № ERB BRRT-CT98-5069 and “Material in Medicine”, №BRRT-CT98-5053/IC20-CT98-0004) Networks. The Department of Advanced Laser Technologies has over 30 research employees and more then 12 years experience in: Laser assisted functionalization of the metal and polymer surfaces, Supercritical fluid synthesis and processing of novel polymers and composites for tissue engineering; and Laser Rapid Prototyping scaffold fabrication.