Georgian Technical University, Centre for Medical Polymers and Biomaterials (GTU)


The Research Centre for Medical Polymers and Biomaterials of GTU was founded in 1997 including 28 persons (graduate, post-graduate and PhD students) and 12 employees.

Key competence in biomaterial research are biodegradable polyester amides, polyester urethanes, polymers revealing high biocompatibility and material properties ranged from hard film-forming to hydrophilic elastomers. The director Prof. R Katsarava and coworkers have 28 years experience in the field of the synthesis, study, and practical applications of medical polymers and biomaterials. Using new methods of polymer synthesis Prof. R. Katsarava synthesized a new generation of biodegradable polymers and a new generation of bioactive composites containing bacteriophages, enzymes, pain killer and other bioactive substances, and acting in drug sustained controlled release fashion.