One of the main tasks carried out by INCOMAT is to take a forward look at where biomedical research could make a demonstrable impact on the quality of life of all EUROPEAN citizen (including WBC and NIS). In this context the most important result of this activity is the identification of areas where innovative developments could provide the supportive technology platform upon which innovative implants in contact with hard tissue will be placed in the medium to long-term future. Therefore, overall objectives are:

  • to obtain an comprehensive survey on the key resources in biomaterials research and industry in the WBC and NIS
  • to act as an international platform for the exchange of good practices and experiences
  • to identify cooperation opportunities for joint activities and future R&D projects to meet the special needs of Third countries
  • to improve exchange activities like networking events (meetings, workshops and final biomaterial conference)

If you like to help us bridging the gap between EUROPE and the THIRD COUNTRIES (WBC and NIS), please take some minutes of your time to complete the Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fensterquestionnaire and distribute the Startet den Datei-Downloadleaflet to interested partners in WBC and NIS.

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